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Western Virginia Marijuana Laws

Western Virginia Marijuana Laws

Updated September 2019

Although western Virginia has historically been opposed to any kind of legalization, recently it passed a bill which allows patients that are seriously ill legally access and employ cannabis for medical purposes. Find out about West Virginia cannabis laws and regulations below.

Recreational Marijuana in West Virginia

Is cannabis appropriate in western Virginia? No, possession of every level of cannabis in western Virginia is just a misdemeanor, punishable by ninety days to a few months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. When compared with other states where marijuana is unlawful, western Virginia’s policy is fairly lenient. Their state can also offer discharge that is conditional first-time offenders present in possession of significantly less than 15 grms. Discharge just isn’t a appropriate conviction.

Health Marijuana in Western Virginia

Western Virginia became the 29th U.S. (mehr …)